Friday, 22 October 2010

An unknown tomb continued

Now a very kind gentleman has given me some instructions to see if I can manage to post more than one pic on here at a here's hoping !
The first ( may be the only lol) pic is what the tomb must have looked like at some stage in its past life, a framed pic of it alongside whats left of the internal surround. Sheer quirk that the glass reflected the way it did, I dare say its a 'bad' picture, but then I quite like it that way!

Well how bizarre! I have previously inserted pics individually, but this time I opened two pics and then selected them both to be posted at the same time........
and its worked............ Thanks to my blogger guru! Your a star, though my settings were already selected as you'd suggested, so I reckon you've thrown some bones at your end and 'fluenced the cyber systems for me !
But I'm grateful none the less!
This second pic is a little of what they have uncovered benath the limewash of paint that had been blethered on the interior church walls, way back when.
It must have looked delightful in its hey day.

Yet again, a 'layer' of a society, beneath another 'layer' of a society that has come along later, and overlaid the previous proofs of human lives lived and lost. Much like archeology and the marks made by our forbears....all so close to the 'surfaces' yet we might never see them, if we don't peel back the layers, look beyond what's in front of our eyes?
Take not what we see as granted.
This is a peaceful little church, not that I'm religeous but it is a spiritual building and well worth a visit, especially if you have photographic skills and not just a point n shoot like me!

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