Thursday, 21 October 2010

You can see where one of the damaged female saints should be, she's on the upper right plinth........but she's lost her head, and torso too....poor lass. It just looks as if this fine tomb should be in a much grander situation doesnt it? Yet to be fair, it is such a anomoly where it is, I'd hate to see it taken away!

The church has all white painted interior walls but they have carefully removed the paint from a couple of places and there are the remains of colourful murals beneath it. It would be lovely to see it as it had once been, but thatw ould be expensive to fund for such a small village church.
I assume the walls were blethered over with whitewash when the churches of England were sacked and robbed by whoever it was...was it Cromwell? Some contrary chap or other.

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