Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Spooky steam n dye results!

So, having washed, dried and ironed sundays steamed fabric n leaves and the sloe died pieces too, imagine my surprise when I could 'see' moths emerge within my fabrics!
Or is it simply MY eyes deceiving me?
This on the left was the steamed onion skins and slices, laid amongst the (suitcase) wood slivers. The wood has turned a lichen like green, the onion slices show as grey-mauve.
And there's a moth like creature just below centre right?

So, serendipity at work, but then....

this one was the fabric wrap of eucalyptus leaves with red onion skins, again steamed.
Now it struck me as having a similar winged look to it....

..........so I played about with the camera to try and get a closer shot.....this is a point n shoot remember for me, with limited camera skills lol
but in this darker picture, it struck me as more of a cutie bear face central to the wings?
Please tell me you can see it too!!!

...........here it is a little lighter.....
now I can see it looks more like a cutie bat with wings outstretched...........am I imagining this lolol spooky!!!
And halloween is on it's way lolol
Now this one was the sloe berries dye tub, with just a brief 24 hours or so dunk. I scrunched up the fabric then just tied it here n there round, with thick elastic bands.
Its an old table cloth I picked up at a jumble sale and you can see the weave pattern on it.
May re dunk this one, think it might be nicer with an all over colour.
Might tie dye it in elderberry, to get a second colour in there too, more blue mauve maybe, than this pink mauve.

My fabrics have arrived from Kim in California, thanks Kim!!
These are for the Brown Bag Quilt challenge I mentioned in a previous post, Kim and I have swapped fabrics and the idea is to make a quilt of whatever size, by next March 1st.
We are to send completed quilt pics in to 'littleredhen', so we all get to see the finished swapsies. Neat that!

My minds eye was expecting to be sent florals lol but this fabric is a smashing surprise.
I do have some african fabrics Id bought in oddly enough, so am thrilled with these!
My grandson is very into big cats at the moment so it seems likely this may be a wall hanging or quilt for him.
Im allowed to add 10% of another fabric to these, so now Im trying to decide what colour to add........
I do have some gold and orangey batiks, but then also have a red thru to orange 1" striped fabric that might suggest the sunset and the Masai as well..........hm, this needs thinking about!

Heard on the radio that this week is National Knitting Week - so now Im feeling guilty that Ive not got anything on my needles at the moment lol talk about being suseptible to blummin suggestion!

Now Ive noticed that folk post before and after pics, of their workrooms and stash, and have been awed by the tidy rooms and clear workspaces.
So with tongue in cheek here are some pics of my 'before' from some weeks ago, when I was shifting stuff from all over the house, theoretically to the one bedroom-come-workroom.

See under the table those white laundry baskets? Each full of wool and novelty yarns........
now moving round to the left.........you'll notice more of the laundry baskets right? All wool yes, and at this point there were 3 more still in my bedroom................and 3 under the table on the right.........so WHY have I not got any knitting on my needles this week????

Now this was the moving in stage to that room, but although I have redesigned areas in there..........abit, with additional shelves ........when I take the 'after' pics, you might be hard pressed to see much difference!

I'm working up to taking the 'after' pics, dont want to shock myself too much BUT, I now know I do not NEED to go to any more stitching shows for a year or two.  Till I have made headway with the stash I have...and found what Im looking for at any one time or another!
I'm going to have SO much to do when I do finally retire.....lol

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