Monday, 8 November 2010

Christmas - and my creative gene has kicked in - in time this year!

 For once Ive got the notion to make Christmas bits FOR Christmas, in time for it, rather than in the middle of summer.

So I fished out old stash and recycled fabrics and got round to using the now fully dried wreaths I made in late summer.

I like their simplicity and less thats not a real word, but reckon you can suss what I mean.
Ive used old gold buttons and only the narrow ribbon was bought for this project. The wreath was wound round clematis fronds, when I gave my clems a cut back. So instead of composting a batch of triffidy fronds, I sat out back and wove them into wreaths.

Against my better judgement I gave a couple of wreaths a spray with silver paint. Not sure I like the effect to be honest and didnt think any of the Christmas fabrics looked right against it, so opted for a secular denim heart!
Though it does look abit lost there on its own, sol I may have to place smaller, dark heart alongside it! 

Spot the theme here........I seem to have a heart fad at the moment.
I fancy having small hearts strung around a christmas tree, garland like, so heres my interpretation.  The hearts are about 3" across and there are a couple of triangles in there too.
These larger hearts are strung with string, not ribbon and have old buttons on them. The red ribbon I picked up at a jumble sale years ago and have only recently unearthed  the 4 packets.
 They were 'somewhere safe'......
These are strung to go above a doorway or to hang off a fire mantle maybe.
The snow flake-ish white lace flowers?
They are individually cut from a lacy table runner with the narrow ribbon threaded through them.

The left trio of hearts is to dangle vertically and has beads at the bottom to give it weight and a clacky sound.
Now the right side garland is made from some patchworked pieces of fabrics. I admit to not having patchworked them myself, when I acquired them they were about 8" individual squares, with 3 fabrics in each one.
I couldnt 'see' them as a block stitching project, that seemed too obvious, I thought them more fun as hearts.
I have 4 more wreaths to faff with yet, but am still mulling over what to do with them. Two of those have been made with bamboo and have the leaves dried as tails almost, still attached.
So this is my start to Christmas, all hand stitched because I didnt fancy moving from the armchair and going upstairs to the workroom!

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