Wednesday, 17 November 2010

WW1 Trench model, denim robins, rusted fabric and donated bits of bliss

Well, have spent 4 days laid up with a chest infection so am low on energy levels, but going to post these pics before I shoot back to the settee and the blanket.
Havent been able to go to work this week, but the trenches model is taking shape and this is how I left it last thursday with foot boards in position and some corrugated card stock to suggest wicker fences on some side walls. The 'bolt hole' boarded in area might have been where the Officers would have sat with a mug of tea maybe, but its enough to suggest as such anyways.

 It still needs an odd  bit of grass, barbed wire of sorts and maybe a soldier or two. will see what else I can think of to go in.
I did manage to find a german soldiers forage cap, though it cost £5, its authentic and would be ideal for this Topic Box Im doing too.

On the Christmas theme I'd made this garland of denim robins. Having lost a good bit of weight, by half following the Dukan Diet principles, which I can recommend...I now have lots of pairs of jeans that fall down round my hips and are baggy in the leg so rather than donate them all to charity shops, Ive  set them aside to chop up as I need them. Made these before I fell ill.

Our embroidery group had a fun talk from Marilyn Pipe recently
'It started in a stately home', well worth asking her to visit your group so you can hear her chat too.
I didnt notice a single person asleep and thats a great rating !!
Shes a raconteur, fun and talented in the textile field.
She showed some rusted fabrics and asked what any of us used to rust with so mentioned I'd been using balsamic vinegar, which reminded me I'd left some fabrics outside for at least 2 weeks.

These 4 pics are of the dried fabrics and sadly it doesnt show the warm tone the balsamic vinegar leaves in the fabrics colouring. But bear in mind each of these fabrics was stark white, this to the left was a crinkly blouse that cost 20p and is infact now a super burnished bronze colour. The top pic was a white heavy weight cotton twill skirt and the bottom pics are either side of the same piece of a white denim skirt. Again each piece is a lovely warm amber thru to bronze colour and am sure its the balsamic vinegars influence.

Last week I collected some tins of buttons from a lady off our local Freecycle site, lots of large sized black/brown etc and duffle coat buttons, great to use with our VI children for counting etc.
There was also an old fashioned tin like we used to have at xmas with chocolates in when I was child, but its choc full of press studs! Ive never
seen so many! I have to think of something to do with these now lol
Also in there was the plastic container with these little old plastic buttons in, 50's maybe? Sooooooo cute and I will definately find a use for those, they will nestle beneath a tree or two of mine I think. Okay Ive wearied, this infection hasnt been as bad as flu but its crackered me none the less. More another time. :)


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! We've been to the York Museum (several times!) and I love shiney too. I see you like rust as well!

  2. happy to send you some aussie bark if you want some - you just need to pay postage....