Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Yes more K&S and my alternative angels

Ive been meaning to use a small collection of little dolls that Ive gathered for a year or two now. Funny how the Creative Gene kicks in and you 'have' to do a thing 'then', isnt it.
Tho maybe thats just me!
I so envy those disciplined Creatives out there  but spontanious is my thing in truth.
Thank goodness I make OOAK!

So here are two little alternative angels.
Entrapment below and Rusty Angel (1) because shes clad in some of the fabrics Ive rusted up through the summer. Ive several more of these cages, bargain car boots buys mid summer so toying with what to dow ith the others  maybe her arms and legs should be in the others and it be a set!
hmm now that was joke but.......

Theres alot more rusting fabric pickling out back come to think of it, but its too cold to go get it from the garden!

Yes, thats my bed above......Posted by PicasaI vacated it this morning and by the time I came back both dogs had taken up position next to the radiator!
Damned cheek lol ~ but not daft are they!

Our school is closed -  having scraped the car off of snow.....(with a plastic tray which makes the job so much easier, the hell with car scrapers where the fingers get wet!)
I get indoors to find Ive had a call saying work at I am, well not RIGHT now, but I had brought stuff to do just in case, no hardship and at least Im warm!

The pastel pic on the wall was done by an ex work colleague, Sally Nicholson, but I thought it was somehow special and had to buy it.
Though it wouldnt be everyones taste I realise.
Its always struck me as being 'what might have been', had my hubby not left and then not died. But in reality, I know it wouldnt have happened so guess its an 'if only' but I still love it lol <<<<< dippy mare yes I agree!

I cant have taken pics of one of the members of the Smallchat exhib at Harrogate that Id been struck by. But Id so like it if you visited their website and browsed there to see some of the work.

Ann Small is inspired by the fragile forms of nature and one of her pieces especially struck me, it was about 12" wide and very, very long.
A sort of strip piece of an amonite, but worked in layers of fabric, then cut back to reveal layers beneath..............cant think what that technique is called, barins on go slow.
Thats a crap explanation and am sure if you look at her work it will make far more sense to you!
It was a very clever method of using thick wadges of fabrics to create the fragile effects of shell and so wonderfully done that it had depth and movement to it. Loved her work. look for Ann Small
I did buy their postcard pack and have to mention Helen Oleary too, her work was nostaligic and quite beautiful. But sad somehow. Though its about womens lives lost and long gone and how textiles were a part of them, to me it was less a celebration, more a solemn remembrance.
But I did like what she had done, it was very touching.
Ok had best do abit of work. Need to research more for the topic boxes.

Ive had a work experience lass in monday and tuesday and shes made me a gas mask box for the WW1 topic box. Ive given herthe job of making the hood for the pull on gas mask Id started too so she had something interesting to do, rather than shed loads of filing or laminating!
So will post her work as well next entry so you can follow the idea I had about the gas mask hood.

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