Sunday, 19 December 2010

Icy Marina, stones, cracks, and a denim bag

 A trip to town and the top storey of the car park which overlooks Hull's Marina.... this shows how icy it was there at that time. There followed a heavy snow storm which an hour later, when I emerged from the stores, had not only stopped but there was bright blinding sunshine!

Anywhichways the ice also took my eye in the back garden, making the pebbles look interesting .......... and also the patio area, with the cross hatch of slabs, all with that layer of thick frost....

Made this jeans pocket shoulder pouch, thought it might be cute for a child as a stocking filler, front and back views here.

Having read the three books by Steig Larson recently..The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo being the first one........ I watched the dvd today and was quite pleased the way they had made it into film.
So sad that the guy never saw the success his books have achieved.
The first one did take me a while to get into, but then its all go and I couldnt put it down. I had to read the second hot off after that first one too and then the third lol you know its a winner, when your hooked like that!
Okay off to handstitch, the need to do so, is upon me ~ and to weave with natural dyed fabrics too........ yet theres UFOs sat here, still waiting for the inspiration to move me, to add whatever is needed for it to be complete.......go figure!

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