Friday, 3 December 2010

A mummified angel, flight seat head covers and snow.....ho ho ho

I have no idea why my Creative Gene had me clad this poor little damaged doll in mummification wraps! But having said that, I quite like her lol  Shes wearing a fabulous but broken old button. I swathed her in strips of onion skin dyed fabric, then stitched on torn shreds of heat gun frazzled, rust dyed aircraft seat head covers....see below about them.....and finally wrapped her round with some elderberry dyed builders scrim. Poor lass! Still theres no sign of the broken leg now that she had before I swaddled her!

The trapped heart in the cage is made from fulled woollens, beaded and blanket stitched together with a bundle of hand tied glittery does nothing for me lol
so I may take it all apart yet!
 This little madonna and child was made from a quick sketch I did whilst doodling a week or two back. I unearthed the pad with the sketches of ideas Id had and happened to have blue felt to hand, so made one as a prototype xmas decoration, to see if she worked.
I quite like her so may do afew more, each that little bit different though, no two quite the same.

Now Ive finally stitched in position my stems for the final Shelagh Folgate Challenge piece we were doing...she'll likely faint at seeing this if she reads my blog lol Im WAY behind! I still have leaves and some additional layering to do on it.
Yet I now have the first workshop to start, from her new bumper 8 workshop series so im kind of playing catch up right from the word go lol
8 workshops for £40 and well worth the doing! Sent to us at monthly intervals to do at our own pace, so please do have a look at shelaghs blog......simply google shelagh folgate  and youll find a link to her.
Ive enjoyed, learned and picked up loads of additional advice along the way, by following her this past year or two, and theres the bonus of a yahoo groupalong when you join these workshops, so bonus commarderie.

Doesnt this pic make my street look pretty? The snow covers the dropped beer cans and dropped cig ends!!! I could quite believe I lived in a smart area lolol

This caught my eye out back, its the clematis branches frozen above the water butt 
A pal gave me some white fabric, like the head covers you often find on coaches or aircraft seats you know? Our local Scrapstore had them in ages ago and I cant have picked any up to faff with, but she did.........put them somewhere safe........and then unearthed them again lol you know how it goes!
 The lower pic may shows the edge where it would be velcroed onto the head rest. I wrapped them round rusty bits and soaked them in balsamic vinegar for a week or two so this is why they have this rich colour to them. Now add to this that if you heat zap them, they distress into lacey formations that tear easily...well, what fun! This is what i stutched onto mummified angel but not sure whether you can enlarge her pic and pick it out. But I will take a pic of it heat zapped and post it next time.
SO! If your on a coach trip, ask if you could have some of the head seat covers esp if they are going to be changed and thrown away after your trip! :)

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