Friday, 3 December 2010

Remember those presstuds? And the frazzled seat head cover!

I wondered what would happen if I put those presstuds Id been given, into a balsamic and vinegar rust bath, so wrapped up abit of linen with them and afew bits of rust and low and behold!
They didnt rust but have a blue tinge to many of the exposed ones, which in itself is interesting and this was the above fabric before I rinsed it out and dried it. You can see the presstuds in places on it dried! The 2nd pic below is the fabrics reverse side.

And as promised heres the heat gun frazzled, rust effect on that seat head cover. It tears away from itself easily and is abit harsh to the touch but interesting yes?
Thanks Jean for finding it for us to faff with!

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  1. I have more but where are they now ? lol didn't think to "dye" them. Looking good !