Monday, 6 December 2010

View from an office window, gas mask box and more woolly makes

 Not  a bad outlook from a works window is it this? The sun was trying to break through the clouds as I opened the office blinds.
Am working from home though tomorrow, because we had no water to wash or make hot drinks with, since the pipes had frozen and Id had to abandon my car in the car park which was several inches thick with snow and packed ice.
It was right ball game trying to get out to come home this afternoon lol og the fun we had...........sighhhh

This is the finished gas mask box that the lovely work experience lass made for me for the Topic Box. She only had 2 days with us before the school building closed, so our unit was unable to get in and we all had to work from home last week. The weather short changed her of her weeks work experience, such a shame.
She also stitched round the hood for me for this hooded gas mask so i will crack on  and complete this now.

These two I sat and made last night but the gaudy crochet head hugger  is made of 70% wool, so I may felt that up abit, to make it nice and snug.
The blue n purple is made from vintage wool 4ply with an acrylic variegated. 2 x the 4 ply with the variegated double knit, so it knitted up really fast.
At this rate I will never, ever, knit up all the wools I have in my stash lol Im gonna HAVE to live forever!

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