Wednesday, 22 December 2010

What I'm up to now.........

I mentioned last post I think it was that I was going to use some of the eco dyed bits of fabric up and had the idea for some little stitched fabric collages of sorts. So this is far as I've got and I'm really enjoying doing it. I much prefer to hand stitch than machine. This way, I can stitch with my feet up on a padded cushion and one ear and eye on the tv and whatever programme Im interested in at the time. Therapy in action!
This little lady is printed on a cotton fabric, Ive used her afew times now. She came out of an early 20th Century sewing book  I found. I think shes a cutey.  The fabrics have been either rusted or eco dyed, though the flash of yellow simply came to hand, when I fished in the bag for another something to lay down and its not been altered in anyway. Think I will keep it in though, I quite like it.
Theres more to do on it and am not so sure how to back it yet. Its base is a thoroughly machine washed cream wool coat that refused to felt down.

The below pic is of some rolls of synthetic edging I think, though what it might have been for I have no idea! A friend at work gave them to me last week, wondering if I could use them for something ... Well yes says I, I'm sure I can ~ lol when really I should have, I have enough junk!
At first I could see them woven together and then embellished maybe, but am going to put them to one side because I have other things I must crack on with first and am sure, I'll think of something else to use them for at some point.
(Assuming I can find them, when I next want them.......)
I have overdone myself abit I think... in that I have begun Shelagh Folgate's Smashees workshops...well, I say begun.... Im still reading through what I need to do and the next workshop will be here before I know it!

But theres no hurry to those series of workshops and we can do them as we please, which is a nice relaxed way of doing them.
Check them out via shelaghs blog, google her name, she'll pop up!
Though if I do them out of cinc, I will miss out on the relevance of the chat in the workshops yahoo group!

Then I decided to try one of Jude Hill's workshops JH and 'Cloth Whispering', sorry havent got the link to hand just now, and signed up for the pdf and video tutorial workshop Cloth to Cloth.

So I won't be able to say I've nothing to do for a while yet!
But what fun!!

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