Monday, 13 December 2010

An angel, an owl, head hugger, wreath, scarf and gloves....

These makes show how butterfly brained my Creative Gene is I reckon. I trip from one thing to another, lacking in discipline just following the creative urge lol
I knitted up two Head Huggers, but forgot to put the second in the picture dohhhhh. This one has 3 vintage buttons stitched in place at one side. The owl xmas decoration was made from fulled woollies and the doily angel which looks like Susan Boyle I realise as I look at it..........spooky! Shes made from a tea stained blank dolly with old cotton fabric doily's. And though you cant see them, she has a small piece of hand made lace stitched in position like a thong........lest anyone look up her skirt should she be on a xmas tree..
The wreath was made with fulled fabrics all pinioned onto a wire coat hanger, which I have to tell you, to find,
are like rocking horse sh+~.....
They were once like road side traffic cones, everywhere in the world. But
now, they are so hard to find! This one was found after visiting several different charity shops and had just been dumped in their skip out back! The lass went and retrieved it for me, so I gave her 50p for the collection box.  So if you see any........grab em and save them for when you need them...they'll be on Antiques Roadshow one day, you'll see!
Mind you, its everso heavy with all that wool on it!

Then I made up some fingerless gloves and finished stitching here and there on the almost matching scarf......... now to bed, work tomorrow.... with more snow forcast for the weekend coming... !

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