Friday, 4 May 2012

Jasper's Beanstalk - tactile book with plant!

Was asked at work to make up a tactile, brailled version of Jasper's Beanstalk, a lovely little story featuring the cat Jasper.
It will go in a Topic Box covering Growth ( plants) but for now, it's to be used with a pre-school child who has no sight.
Not sure if he's recently lost his sight or was born without it.
Here's some pics.......and obviously the book has a packet of runner beans to go with it, so he can feel real beans.
The word cards will have braille on them, so a child who reads braille can use those in a lesson. 

I thought I would make a pull up and down plant to go with the story, so using an empty baby wipe tube.......this is what I made.
If you look there are dangly thread 'roots' at the bottom.
The idea is that the big button stops the plant from being pulled up too much and the blue base unscrews, so if its pulled right out, it can be rethreaded lol
I mixed pva with soil for the earth in the pot, which is laid on a glued in position, circle, itself supported on the inside by an inner tube.

Just realised that the pic of the finished plant, which stands up with a plant support stick, hasnt turned will slip that pic in, when I'm back at work next week. Now I come to think of it, the camera did say it had 'detected a blink'...........!!
( A touch of the ...........Little Shop of Horrors.....Feed Me! Feed Me's?!)


  1. Oh my goodness - what a wonderful project -- this is just incredible. I think that the little child is going to love this tactile book - you used such great imagination when you made this -- its just totally outstanding!


  2. wow. you did a great job on that book. i've seen paintings that were touchable for the blind. i wonder if these type books are sold. they should be.

  3. I love making up tactile versions of books for the kids must admit. We have licence to make adapted versions for curriculum purposes, but we cant sell them, that would infringe copyright of course.
    The hungry caterpillar activity I made, being in HG colours and all, couldnt be sold for example unless we had permission from the author and publisher.
    I have also written 3 stories myself and made tactile books of those with braille, for early years bairns, and I have sold those.

  4. This is beyond incredible. I know these kids you work with must be fully aware of how lucky they are to have you!