Friday, 18 May 2012

and more.....

This is Cluny's mixed media piece I mentioned and her couching piece.

Clever this, with drawn, painted and collaged areas.

Oh and I saw the funniest thing today.
Sat in a traffic queue on a stretch of road, quite far away from any houses, there was an elderly woman, looking like a 1950's gran, in a vintage hat, coat, holding an equally vintage shopping bag, on the road side pavement.
She was feeding a HUGE crow bread and cake............she was throwing him good sized chunks and he was stood
catching them!
He was about 3' in front of her and waiting patiently for her to dig in the plastic bag for each morcel.....
It was almost as if they had arranged to meet at that spot, she'd come from one direction and the crow from the other lol
It was priceless and dam it..........the traffic shifted too soon!
Im now wondering if she meets him there each day, at that time!

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  1. some interesting images here that reminds me of something similar (not anything as elaborate) that i did last year that got cut up and put aside. will have to pull it out and give it a re-look. i love the story of the woman and the crow.



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