Sunday, 6 May 2012

I seem to have a stitching splurge come upon me.........yesterday I HAD to make a draft excluder for my back door............
There was no way I could put it off any longer, not when Id finally decided I wanted to make it with denim, from jeans that are too big.
So whilst its not going to win any awards for originality or design, its as solid as a rock - lol - cos I stuffed it with strips of none too clever, upholstery fabrics I'd been given.
( No, not the wonderful vintage Sandersons, no!)

Actually using this upholstery fabric as stuffing, makes it really firm and it stays put, when you shove it into place with your foot!
Plus as a bonus, it would make a great stand in baseball or cricket bat!
Washing it in the machine may be interesting mind you lol

Then since the jeans had been cut up....I fancied making a knitting bag with the denim.
 I have used some of the Sanderson to line it, but its been washed and isnt dry yet so have no completion pic yet.
Will post it tomorrow when all the cut and fringed edgings look at their best.
I bought a book called 'A Passion for Patchwork' a week or so back after having loaned it from the library.

In there, was an idea of making bags with the legs of jeans and stitching it, wrong sides together, so the edging seams are outside.
Then you clip the edges, wash the item and the edges fray out nicely.
I've made it differently to what's in the book but have used that same idea.

I've seen quilts made that way and quite like the ruffled effect the fraying gives, sort of homespun somehow.

Today being sunday and no rain for once, I had a wander round the car boot nearby.
Nothing leapt out at me.......until I saw this cigar box and the metal buttons inside.
Not that I NEED metal buttons of course but there are some interesting ones and alot that would make great impressions in, moulding paste or paint for example.

Of course now I'll have to buy some moulding paste lol


  1. good idea for the draft excluder stuffing. it looks like it will do the job. look forward to the bag.

  2. Hey, now...that draft chaser is clever! And buttons will jump out at you every time, I know.