Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A curriculumplant growth resource and a question please

By the way the teddy in the piccy, top right, below, is my work
pin cushion.
I made a dress with a padded out skirt, for a small teddy bear and I stick the pins in her apron.

I wanted to include something about vegetables and counting,
in a Topic Box centred around plant growth.
I had already made up the tactile version of Jasper's Beanstalk, also how to grow runner beans and cress then came up with this activity,
which is a folding up, vegetable 'garden'.
It opens out flat and has horizontal and vertical rows on it.

I stitched velcro accepting fabric in strips to represent the rows for planting, so a blind child could orient where to place the veggies.
Then made 10 x each vegetables, so a child could count and work out, how many would fit in a row.
I made up a 'key' to help identify what the veg were and made up brailled number cards too.
It allows counting up to 10, the identification of and speech about vegetables at the least.
The mushrooms are white smoothe fun foam, the pea pods a textured fabric with beads within, the carrots a textured foam, the spuds are cut from window blind samples, the cabbages are layered green crepe paper, the onions are layered brown flimsy wrapping paper and the broccolli...for now, is zig zaggy corrugated card.
Obviously the veggies arent to scale but since its an activity to cultivate discussion around the growth of plants, that shouldn't matter too much.

Okay, now I wonder if I can ask advice from you?
Ive had an email which seems bonefide from the 'Best of the Web', which does appear to have a regular link on google and a list of blogs on it.

They have requested that I sign up to their RSS feed and be listed with them.
They probably approach all blogs from time to time, so Im not supposing that I have such an interesting blog lol
And being cynical and mistrusting, Im assuming this may be a scam of some kind!

First...does anyone know about them and are members themselves of this group?

Second.... what does having an RSS feed bring to your, Im SO clever at computer wizardry you'll notice lol

I have to assume that this group will get paid in some way if i sign up?..........I really dont understand the whole admail thing and dont particuarly want to have ads on my blog, so worry that this group would involve my blog being stuck with ads for this, that and the other?

Anyone got any ideas please?


  1. I've had that email too and must admit that I trashed it because I was suspicious. I will be interested to see what response you get as to whether it's legit or not.

  2. Being very suspicious of all online awards and requests......I personally would not do it. There are ways of attracting blog traffic - if that is what you want - leaving comments on others, contributing to Flickr sites etc etc. but unsolicited requests usually only benefit the inviter, not the invitee.

  3. Hiya
    I haven't been invited & I wouldn't do it. I agree with what Sue has said above
    You posting about the veggies is fabulous, you are so talented Lyn

  4. Lyn, I love your children's garden, especially the peas! That is so wonderful. You ought to patent some of your ideas. Or maybe pattern some of your ideas would be a better choice of words? xo

  5. I would be suspicious too - I have had a lot of 'apparent' traffic from a couple of sites recently that I don't trust.
    I have put up a photo of the bandage in 'action'.

  6. Wow-you are such a great teacher! I'm also suspicious about awards
    and all that. It gets away from the friendly feeling with some people I've taken classes with-watching what they're making now.
    You really could make and sell this activity (I your
    FREE time, right?)



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