Friday, 18 May 2012

Diverse Threads exhibition....

This chap is rather cleverly made from leather strips and in Beverley Art Gallery, here in East Yorkshire.
As you walk in there's also a very tall ostrich, taller than me and Im 5' 8 and a half!
He was also made of leather but for the life of me, Ive no explanation as to why I didnt take his photo, cos he was amazing!
Niether did I take the name of who had made them both..............
so I'm a double dummy!
But whoever made them, they are truly gifted!

Diverse Threads is displayimg work in the art gallery currently. They are a group of people who meet reguarly in York and here are some of the pieces on display that I thought were striking.
These pieces were AMAZING... made by Sandra Middleton "using bonding, layering,cutting and realigning the fabrics to create a woven looking effect."
Don't know whether you can get a real close view but the pieces, mosaiced together, are WEENY! And the fabrics sparkle because some are laid so the light catches the cut back pile. Incredibly clever!

Cathy Needham's Moon Rising over the Wolds


Thought this was a clever idea.........a table with a basket on, for the kids to explore. There were all sorts in it, a darning mushroom, petersham, a knitting dolly etc. the idea being to stimulate conversation..........what's this for?

Another of the members is Cluny Chapman, who is a very talented young woman, whom I met years ago when she was a member of the same dolls house club.
Cluny showed an interesting mixed media piece and some wonderful couched pieces.

Oh great bloggers playing up..............see the follow on post lol

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  1. those mosaic pieces are crazy! imagine the work? I can't even begin to...