Tuesday, 8 May 2012

the feltalong............so far........

The felt along that Laura is hosting is slowly taking shape...

of course mine isn't quite like Laura's you might know!
And I had to make two....... and at the last minute I thought I would use felted woollies instead of regular felt...now Im about to stitch some french knots!

I collected more jazzy jumpers at work today, for the african babies.
 I love the way the patterns been adapted here, with stripes going every which way and added shapes as pattern.

and I finished the one Id been making too so that can go in the bag as well.


  1. your felt along is sweet...shouldn't look like laura's because it's yours. that blue jumper is the cutest.

  2. Dare I say that I like your birds a bit more than the origional?

  3. Thanks both, your right, these are my reflections although I admire and love to see Laura's colour choices so much.
    Maybe Im less brave in my colour selections or maybe its just my Creative Gene's aiming for 'subtle'.
    Following an 'anything-along' makes you slow down and be more disciplined doesnt it?
    Those of you who did the C&G will have developed that skill.
    I think its abit late for me to learn that particular discipline now, although they say your never too old to learn......so am hoping Laura's 'along, will centre me abit more.
    But please dont hold your breath!

  4. Lyn, how fun, love them! And the jumpers -- makes me feel good -- even though I'm not a part of it (yet), I love that some good people are making them.

  5. Your felty birds are thoroughly sweet Liniecat!

    I've never followed an "Along" as you call it. I really should one day, shouldn't I?

  6. Such cute wee birds! I love the personality in the top little fellow.