Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wedding Dresses over the years on display

There was a display of wedding dresses in a local church today,
so I popped in to see them.
Sadly the most amazing one that took my breath away, a 1933 one ......... for some wierd reason hasnt come out on my camera....
am so disapointed.
dam it!!
Anyway here's a little feast.......

above, this was a 1945 wedding dress..

Think  I've overloaded wont upload any more lol


  1. love seeing the different wedding gown styles. my mom had a beautiful wedding gown. am sorry that it wasn't saved.

  2. Hiya, these are really interesting, so odd cause there is a small disolay in a local charity shop where there is a fabulous full lace flapper type dress that took our breath away, oh I wish that it would fit me then I could dye it for Torias wedding. Great post lyn x

  3. How fun to see these! I didn't have a dress like these when I got married. I'm afraid I eye wedding gowns with the thought of how much useable fabric for crazy quilting is in them (oops, is that bad??)

  4. What a great exhibition! Lucky you having it in a local church! It reminded me that there was a V & A project to create a data base of wedding dresses through the years. I couldn't find the exact link, but found an article in the Daily Mail and hope you would find it of interest.
    All the Best



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