Saturday, 12 May 2012

An interesting fairy tale book too....

I picked up an interesting hardback book in a charity shop today.

The Fabrics of Fairytale: Stories Spun from Far and Wide
(Ive uploaded this piccy from amazon at the following link) 
But see the second link at the end here too..

'The Fabric of Fairytale' by Tanya Robyn Batt
with fascinating illustrations by Rachel Griffin.
The stories are centred around textiles,
eg. The Cloth of the Serpent Pembe Mirui,
The Silk Brocade
The Feather Cloak
The Patchwork Coat and more.
The illustrations were what caught my eye, all the originals have been made with a mix of paper and fabrics and hand stitching.
It seems so appropriate when the fairy tales are centred around the cultural and hiistorical importance of fabrics in life.

Within the introduction it says...

"The production of cloth is so widespread that most cultures contain written or oral records documenting a deity, usually a goddess, who was associated with fabric production."

This book may well be of interest to some of you, worth seeking out off Amazon or at the library maybe. Not least because the illustrations would be fun for applique!
It's for an older child to read and doubly ideal for a grannie who stitches!

Ive found this link which explains about the stories within, an article from the Embroidery Magazine.

Now, with glass of wine in hand, I intend to read through the cultural mix of fabric-cy


  1. Hope you're enjoying your glass of wine and this lovely book :-) Thanks for flagging it up. I may have to be tempted!

  2. I think there would be tons of inspiration in this book - especially with the use of fabric and paper, along with the hand stitching. Most likely a good read too!



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