Thursday, 17 May 2012

Little Lumpty- childrens storybook character

I was asked to provide a 'Little Lumpty' to accompany the book of the same name and maybe a box, that could double up as the wall in the story..
The box is the carry all for the book and character.

Little Lumpty lived in a village beneath the wall, that Humpty Dumpty had fallen off years before.
Lumpty was fascinated by the huge, tall wall and despite his mum telling him to keep away, he finds a ladder and climbs up it.
By night time hes pranced along the top, waved at friends, seen the small houses beneath and then he looks
Then of course he's stuck and cant get down.
Id never heard of this story before but it's lovely, by Miko Iami.
The villagers use a blanket, into which Little Lumpty jumps..and survives lol

So having made the carry box version for the hearing impaired kids, I thought it was such a nice story I'd make another, for the visually impaired kids.
This has braille overlaid on the large print, tactile book adaptation.
I had such fun making the Little Lumpty's....I may have to buy the book and make one for my grandson now!
I will have perfected the design by the third one lol

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  1. oh so sweet. humpty dumpty was the first thing that came to mind when i saw the image. had never heard this story either. lucky children to have you around.



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