Monday, 7 May 2012

Denim bag, a book and a felt a long..

Here it is, already in knitting service lol
It would work well as a shopping bag too, but for that Id prefer it to be made without the raggedy edges, so it would look abit smarter.
I cut off the turned up seams from the bottom of each leg and used those for the handles.
I also stitched one pocket on the inside with its denim backing and one on the outside, with the inner denim cut away.

We have a 'book man' who comes regularly to work and leaves a selection of books for us to browse through, my hairdressers have some left there too.

They are a good bit cheaper than buying them in book stores and although the chap at work leaves far more cookery books than anything else - lol - there are often bargain buys amongst them.
Anyway this last batch had the following CICO 2009 published,£14.99 book, for £4 !
And it's bright and fun, although nothing especially new in it if Im honest.
But I took a fancy to it............ and do think its a lovely little book, yes, especially at that price too!
On this link its £9.94 but below, the same book (I'm assuming) is shown with a different design cover at 20p less!
Anyway, the idea came to me........why don't I start at the beginning of this book............and simply make each item in it!
Just for the fun of it, as an achievment of sorts!
Novel 'ey! lol
Ive lots of books and I nip in and out of them, or not! but I rarely make any more than one thing from any single book.
 Infact often I barely use the tutes, methods or ideas, because I see the picture, skip thru the instructions, then alter the original to such an extent, its very loosely based on whatever Ive seen in the book!
That could be viewed as undisciplined................right?
(Or..creatively inspired....would have been my explanation..)

So I think that's what I might might just make me more disciplined!
Of course Im still making the floral blocks bed cover............
that Ive decided is now going to be a pair of french door curtains ........... (so the lace doilies wont get caught by cat or dog claws on the bed ).
So I will be making the items in this book, bit by bit I suppose lol
And Im just finishing another little african jumper..its in the knitting bag!..thanks Jean for the wool !
But if make each item and feature the item from the book, it will be interesting I think, to see how I interpret the original, if only with my own selections of fabrics.

Oh and then there's a felt along on
with Laura  Wasilowski, which is abit of fun and would use up abit of the felt Ive got stashed away....

Sometimes it would help if I couldn't multi task!


  1. wow. you're fast. nice bag. you could put a binding over the top edge if you want it neat and tidy. and yes. i'm getting away...very slowly...from multi tasking.

  2. Lyn, this will be fun, I like the concept very much, making everything in the book with your take on it. And the felt-along, too, looks almost comforting -- no decisions, no staring at cloth for long periods of time, no worries that it won't even look like a bird, etc. ha.

    Love your tote AND I admire your spontaneity. ;-)

  3. ooooh - I very much like your new bag (but then, you know I would...considering my own fascination with used denim!). I think your plan to do every project in that book is brilliant...perhaps you could track down the author once you're done and send her photos of your finished projects. I'm sure she would be thrilled to see what you do!



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