Thursday, 31 May 2012

Neat dye video to watch..dyeing with yarn

You might like the short dyeing with yarn video clip on the above ( interesting) blog.
Although they use a tie n dye kit, the same effects would occur using various fabric dyes.
I got side tracked and watched some of the other dyeing videos too .......... there's always something new to learn!

Here in Uk there's a countdown taking place to mondays Jubilee celebrations to commemorate and celebrate the Queen's 60 years of reign.
The flotilla and the open air concert outside Buckingham Palace am sure would be amazing to experience and see........why didnt I think to go down to London for the weekend?....duhhhh!
Though having said that, I dare say I will see more, watching it on tv ~
For more info see this link below ....

Even if you aren't a Royal fan, I'm sure there'll be all the grand pomp that British Royalty do so well lol and that's worth a look at............and there's bound to be some creative inspiration somewhere amongst it all!

I think the flotilla will be well worth watching, there are some amazing boats going to be travelling along the Thames, not least the Queens' own gilded barge/boat that has been especially made for the event.
Charmingly there will be a group of the Dunkirk boats attending too, little and large boats that brought servicemen home from Dunkirk, all those years ago.
It has only occured to me this past few days, my Dad was a Dunkirk Veteran and I have no idea at all, how he got back to Britain!
He must have travelled by boat too and yet I don't recall him ever mentioning it and I never had the sense to ask him.
I wonder if there is some way of my finding out? I must trry and find out.

Did I mention that I have bought a dress form?
No dont think I did......
Well the idea is that I will finally make up some of the patterns that Ive had for ...everso long.... and theoretically, they may fit!
As a woman who has laid on afeeeew pounds as she has aged.......
okay, quite afew pounds ....
have you any idea how much of an insult it is, to see your shape, stood standing beside you as a dress form?!

For afew minutes I was desolate......having twiddled rings and got it all to measure the same as I do....I/it, looked so BIG!
But then realised I needed to lengthen the waist area lol
This WONDerful adjustment lengthened my shape and made me/it LOOK slimmer lol YEAH!!
On the strength of which - I had a glass of G&T !


  1. will be going to watch the video after inputting this comment. lots of talk on tv here about the jubilee celebration and i'm sure lots of it will be televised. i think you always see more on tv than being there in person. think i mentioned before that i grew up with a dress form that was my mom's size as my dad made all of our clothing. her name was gwendolyn. have you named your dress form?

  2. I've been doing a course on self portrait photography - now that really is a scary thing!! I now have one particularly unflattering photo stuck to my fridge....

  3. A dressform - lucky you! I wouldn't use one to actually make clothes though - I'd like to just decorate it and use it to display things. I'm sure there will be lots of coverage of the festivities here in Canada too which will be almost as good as being there.

  4. You're going to love that dress form!! We're following the Jubilee
    here too. London is my favorite city but until this summer's over I
    think I'll watch from afar.

  5. Lyn, how cool to get a dress form. If I was able to make anything decent for myself, I'd love to have one. The size issue would be difficult for me, yes, but they say you can get used to anything if you live with it long enough. ;-) If I had the ingredients, I'd have a G&T on the strength of it, too.

    Happy Jubilee! xo