Monday, 14 May 2012

Found that wedding dress picture!

Oops, abit blurry this one ...... dam it, but you get the idea of the lace patterning.
I have no idea why it hadnt shown itself before, but this time when I downloaded some pics off my camera....there it was! Wierrrrdddd....
And it was a 1935 dress, I got the date wrong too..
The skirt has godets low down so it would have swished beautifully around the calves and Im pretty sure it was some sort of silky crepe like fabric.

I completed one of my felt-a-long birds...........  it is quite different to Laura's and I have no idea what to do with it, now its done!


  1. Cute bird! Perhaps a small cushion for a grand child? Thanks for the nice comments - it's good to be home.

  2. lovely dress. even the bird seems to think so...tweet...tweet.

  3. Lyn, you find the coolest places & books! I've never heard of a wedding gown timeline display, but it looks like it was wonderful. That is actually a great idea for a fundraiser. Did they have tea, too? And that fairy tale book, I'm going to visit Mr. Amazon right now and see about that one. For the grandkids, you know. ;-) Thanks! xo

  4. Frame the bird, or add it to a cushion front. It is too sweet to hide away!



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