Sunday, 29 April 2012

A natty gadget and the Cross Bones Burial ground

I was driving home today, having been drowned by rain and blown about  by a furious wind as I dodged from store to store.......did I mention we are officially in drought here abouts?
Since the water authorities pronounced official drought, Mother Earth has shown her sense of humour and its been raining blummin buckets...

Well rolling around on the road ahead of me, was a stunningly beautiful lime green plastic bottle, I have never seen one such a glorious bright I didn't stop and pick it up............but I did wonder........
if you watched the link I gave you yesterday....    .........  if you used the lime green bottle, would you have deliciously green light in your little home? !

So, yes I had to go back to Hobbycraft today, I was there only yesterday...buying lilac paper for lovely daughters wedding invites.
And today I needed even more lilac would have easier and cheaper to have had the invites printed, but they wouldnt have been as personal of course that way.

I also needed royal purple thread so I can take in the purple dress for the wedding...yeahhhhh!
But in wandering around.............big mistake that isn't it?....I stumbled on the following gadget and I do like gadgets.
And yes I could have lived without it, but it looked abit of fun and there may well come a time when I desperately need evenly spaced holes in paper, that's to be hand stitched to a textile collagey thing I'm making ... you follow that logic don't you?
Its that Creative Gene at work...........making me spend money....but playing with said gadget will keep me off street corners at least..

"Want to add stitching to your paper project without having to drag out the sewing machine? It's Sew Easy!
The rotary stitch piercer creats perfectly aligned holes that can easily be stitched up. Piercer head provided is a straight stitch.
Includes free needle and piercer handle has built-in storage for same.
A variety of design are available to achieve almost any look. Simply twist and pull stitch piercer head to remove then replace with desired head (sold separately) by aligning the knobs and twisting."

So I bought a couple of interchangeable heads too........a lazy daisy hole maker, so for once I could stitch evenly spaced daisy's, hearts, a vine design and the word love.
Now it will really only be useful with paper but I must admit hand sticthing evenly on paper doesnt always come that easy.
And this would be a natty little gift for children I reckon too, who could then stitch onto card or paper and get perhaps a more even and attractive result, if they are new to stitching.
So I may have a play with it later this evening and see what it can and cant do.
I quite like more naive sticthing but now and then, especially on paper, it can look so much sharper and pleasing if the stitches are evenly spaced.

Oh and go take a look at Purple Missus blog and read about the Cross Bones Burial Site, mentioned near the end of the post.
(But don't miss the stunning shrines shes making at the moment!)
 Cross Bones is amazing, follow her link and read all about its medieval history.
Id known nothing about it, but its both fascinating and deeply saddening too.
An area was set aside and known as the Single Women's Churchyard...

"In his 1598 Survey of London, the historian John Stow refers to a burial ground for 'single women' - a euphemism for the prostitutes who worked in Bankside's brothels or 'stews'.

At a time when we were expected to marry and become a man's property, the term 'single women' was deemed to mean women of lower morality, who sold their bodies....
Im not going to say any more, it just makes me mad lol

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  1. if your green bottle was transparent, i would say the light generated would be a bit green. and mother nature has not extended her sense of humor this way. we, too, are in drought but very little rain. love that gadget you found...and yes, it would be perfect for a child learning to sew. i used to stitch holes on paper using the sewing machine without any thread.



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