Sunday, 8 April 2012

Abit down but.............why is it

Okay theres abit going on around me, the kids have issues and you never can just stop worrying for them, can you...
though I should stop worrying, they are old enough to ............... cope.

So anyway have been feeling abit down and yesterday it came to a head.....full of self pity cos I cant actually do anything to help them..........
 I managed to wade through a 900ml tub of ice cream and drink a
( left over from xmas)bottle of Jacobs Creek rose wine.............but............
why is it, that on the scales this morning I was half a pound lighter?!!!
Im doing this weight loss thing ALL wrong!
Maybe I should buy ice cream and wine by the crate!

Hope your all having a great easter, be it snowy, sunny, chilly or warm!


  1. sorry your down. hope it passes soon. beware of that half a pound. weight gain as well as weight loss shows up days and sometimes weeks after the fact. ask me how i cream is a favorite with me too but i eat it rarely. i just have to look at it and i put on weight. try not to worry since it doesn't help anything or anybody.

  2. Lyn, oh we are alike in that respect, wanting to eat to feel better. How we are different is that I gain weight and you lose it. ;-)
    I hope things calm down and/or resolve themselves very soon. I know it's easier said than done. xoxo