Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The mood lifts..........yeahhhhh.... with wild violets

And probably more to do with stitching than much else lol

But these little beauties are growing in my back garden and they always make me smile, year after year, they blossom forth against weather and footfalls.
Though lilac, rather than the blue they photograph............odd that....they are from the seeds of wild violets that grew behind Whitby Abbey, in a hedgerow there, many years ago when I took the kids for an early may holiday on a farm.
Sturdy little souls that each year provide zillions of seeds.

Despite my dog suddenly deciding to rive up my landing carpet outside my bedroom now its holey and torn, dam him. And despite my (neutered) male cat spraying in a downstairs room this afternoon, presumably because there was a butch entire male stray cat peering at him thru the french doors when I got I have had to overdose on air spray lol
Guess it could be worse sure skunks smell worse..............yes, despite these mood is Yeahhhhh!
But I suspect its cos I determindly stitched like an obsessed creature over this last the hope that my stitching really is my therapy! seems it is lol
Inspired by Karen Turners hand stitching I had been intending to use up some of my off cut stash bits and pieces. Since Ive been making blocks with floral fabrics and adding lace pieces and  doilies, supposedly using laura ashley fabrics but when I couldnt find any fresh laura ashley fabric dresses in charity shop ....... I began using other recycled cotton fabrics too.
Now I WAS going to make a bed cover with these blocks but its occured to me that since the cats and the darned dog at times too, sleep on my bed when Im not in...........which is why my bedroom door is so often closed........and no doubt why the dog decided to haul the carpet up and dig under the door....then the lacey bits might well get damaged and pulled by their claws.
So now Im not sure what to do with it, once Ive finished it lol
But anyway..........these offcuts may end up as side strips...
Oh and Ive moved my feather filled chair because its annoying how the feathers flatten when my backside sits on them lol so now...........
you can see how thrilled my cats are with the chairs new position!
You can also see how annoying feather filled cushions can be, they simply dont keep their shape lol

Another thing Ive done is revamp my small Posh Cat hanging from this
to this

but I can no longer call this Posh Cat lol

At work Id been asked to make a book bag for one of our teenage visually impaired kids. This is what I ended up making her.

And another delightful thing happened today, to lift my spirits ............. these arrived from Mary Anne!
Thank you SO much!
We are swapping magazines with eachother and Im sure Im getting the better deal with this batch! Yummy magazines, niether of which Ive ever seen before...........what fun!

Oh and finally.............94 little 'fish and chip' jumpers ......... ! In an untidy mess cos I was counting how many there was.... : )


  1. Glad things are looking up for you. I love your Posh cat (not) hanging, the cat looks so cheerful and the bag will be sure to please. I love violets too, we have lots in the garden and they are slowly spreading round the neighbourhood. Have a good rest of week x

  2. oh those violets are beautiful and i love what you're doing with your stash bits. like the eyelet pieces peeking out.

  3. Lyn, well you definitely got your groove back, girlfriend! I loved catching up and seeing your pieces -- too bad about the rug and the spraying business, but it made me LOL! The cat revamp turned out so well, isn't it funny how that just sort of happens, like the piece wants to be changed somehow? That's happened to my green hand piece about 5 times now. ;-) The violets are so beautiful, the blossoms look huge -- I sprinkled the seed you sent but haven't spotted any yet, fingers crossed. xo

  4. Oh my - the violets ARE beautiful!! Love the picture of the kitties all curled up together - trust cats to find the best seat in the house. You're welcome for the mags too - glad they came at a good time.