Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Vintage Sanderson fabric and what to do with a calender

Nowt' stays the same, have you noticed?
Blogger is improved - but now I have to learn how to use this version lol

Just look at this vintage Sanderson fabric, isnt it amazing!
There's 5.8m of it thats been given to me, along with shed loads of other Sandersons, Grafton, Alan J Naness vintage fabrics.....all furnishing, unused lengths.
Before I cut it up, Im trying it on Ebay incase someone out there could use it to recover something or wants lush vintage curtains.
If it and any other pieces sell, I will donate half achieved to charity.
I love this design, with a passion.
Anyone know what the design is actually called by any chance?

Pal Jean picked up some 2012 calenders for only 50p each a short while back. She got me one or two as well........cheers gal!
One featured fabulously coloured and patterned pages and I was sure I could make something out of it for our (hearing impaired) kids to use.
I should have taken a pic of the calender before of course........
but didnt!
What Ive made is a matching game with 4 options for matching.

I sliced up the patterned pages into small and large rectangles.
Also into small squares.
Ive used the smaller pictures from the very back page and the main pages themselves.
The calender days/months are on the backs of the patterned pages so
I backed the pages with scrap white card, to cover over the writing.
I laminated all the shapes and rounded off the corners with a corner punch because laminated corners can be quite sharp for little fingers and hands.

The large rectangle can be matched to the smaller rectangle in the same pattern.
The squares can be matched to the large or small rectangles as well.
The squares can also be matched together in small and larger pattern sizing.
And of course a child can find any 2 rectangles and 2 squares of the same design and have a full set of 4, of each patterns.
So its made an inexpensive activity for a child, to encourage them to talk and look carefully, matching, sequencing and guessing what the patterns are pictures of. There are 12 different patterns and 12 of each shape and size.
Here's another 4.5 m piece of Vintage Grafton fabric this time..
and a 8.25m length of Alan J Naness 'Central Park' fabric too..

My settee is layered in chintz and it looks just lovely! lol


  1. i like what you did with the calendar.

  2. I remember these fabrics from the 1990's when I ran my soft furnishings business. They were very popular. good idea to offer on ebay as you have enough for covers or curtains or even both, good luck I hope that they sell
    Wonderful game you have evolved, clever girl you are Lyn x

  3. That fabric is stunning - very lucky indeed to have it gifted to you! Very clever idea with the calendars too.

  4. Lyn, those are some very nice fabrics you have -- the black is grand!
    Your workplace is so lucky to have you, another genius project you've created for the children.



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