Friday, 16 March 2012

A break from routine

I have just returned from a short break with my daughter, a few days in Cabo Roig, Spain, where her fiance has an apartment.
Its one of those places where the sky is super huge........and in this case, a stunning, dazzling bright blue with a magnificent ultra blue sea beneath it. The pics dont do the natural colours justice.
Isnt it lovely to just get

and Torrevieka.... and a cracking bench!
I love it!

I also love the bronze seated figure on the concrete seat above.
She sits there, staring wistfully out to sea... 
The rockside seats are on the monument above too.

There are celandines growing bright yellow on roadsides here up north in UK . Spring is coming at last...yeahhhhh.
Daffodils are abloom at last heralding hope.


  1. how wonderful that you got to visit Spain. wow...that bench looks like a snake. it creates great shadows. and i love that concrete bench with the bronze figure. does it have any special significance?

  2. Beautiful pictures. I would have loved seeing that bench in person. So intriguing!

  3. It was nice seeing this. My in laws used to have a place in Torrevieka and I remember that bench:)

  4. Gorgeous photos, Lyn. Lucky you to be there in person. Love that tile bench, looks like cloth, sort of. Daffodils blooming here, too! Happy Spring!

  5. Spring here as well. May I please climb into your pocket and visit
    Spain next time? All those blues...

  6. and SUCH blues too........spiritually enriching.....

  7. I have never been to does look gorgeous but I don't like heat although I suppose it would be mild at this time of year.

  8. It does look beautiful. Thanks for commenting on my blot.

  9. Lyn, now I can see why you were all over my pictures from've been bitten by the travel bug too :-) xoxo Cyndi