Sunday, 4 March 2012

feathery cloud, Hungry Caterpillar in play and other stuff

Hard to believe but there is a half moon tucked within this feather/mast like cloud formation.
It changed shape so quickly too, I snapped four pics only seconds apart!

...though for this one I zoomed in on the cloud as it floats apart...
My foot stool come poofe, is being well used by my old cat bless him, he's not doing too badly. He is hyper thyroid so back to vets tomorrow for tablets and the hope that there is no cancer eating away at him too.
The hungry caterpillar activity passed muster with my grandson.
I made him one and he was over the moon with it.

I also made him a simple fish and velcro-accepting fabric board, activity. Now he adores fish, so this was a huge success.
This particular blue fabric came from Scrapstore as did the bright green. But normally, for work, I buy in similar fabric from Dickory Dock Designs which is a Holmfirth firm. 
Their fabric has a superb thin foam backing to it, making it really sturdy, where the blue fabric used here, might have been a seconds roll, because it has no foam backing.
It hasnt come in from Dickory Dock, most likely from a firm making display boards I would think.
I think it was £9 a metre x 60" width, last time we bought it  from DDD for work, but Id bagged a bargain at Scrapstore last summer, with both these colours at £1 a got some for myself and work too.

He made up his own rules. He decided one long skinny fish was the most fierce and that one kept chasing away other fish..and I had to guess which one had gone....and look suitably surprised at it being missing
lol so funny.
Then he took to hiding the fish or caterpillar food round the room and nannie had to go look for it.............
notice whats wrong with this scenario at all?
'nannie look under there....'hind there.... wheres it gone nannie?'
I was up and down like a yo yo
Im going to have invent some rules which make him do all the allecking about the room next lol

Ive been doing abit more leisurely hand stitching on my floral blocks.

Its so relaxing hand stitching though I dare say in years gone by, when they had to stitch their clothing or go naked, there would not necessarily have been this same therapeutic effect!
 This block has an old lace doily almost all over it and Ive carefully stitched it down so it shouldnt come adrift when washed later on.
The pic below is a truer colour, not sure what happened with the one above!
I had a trip across south of the Humber river to Barton on Humber, over the bridge, to look at a little 'holiday home' park over there. A nice little place with only 27 plots...Im still considering moving to a ( way too blummin small) mobile home for cost effectiveness and have all but chosen the homes I'm interested in............but since Ive yet to sell my all abit hyperthetical really!
But this view is 10 mins down the road from this little park...the river from the south side, which is Lincolnshire...with Yorkshire laying on the north side. It would be quite a nice place to wander each evening me thinks and theres a small pub 5 mins the other way!

And this clearly shows the south support, built in the river itself...just a slight turn of my head from the pic above and zoomed out.... and thats Yorkshire on the other side.

gosh its again tomorrow.... weekends are way too short!


  1. you sure know how to make your grandson happy. he has such a beautiful smile. i love that cloth with the lace overlay.

  2. Thanks Deanna. Hes so much fun and then he goes home !
    - theres alot to be said for that lol

    Im going to use that lacey block as the centre I think when I come to piece it all together. Not that I know exactly how Im going to join them all together yet, but thats the plan for now!

    : )

  3. I also love the cloth and really, really like the images from your neck of the woods too. I have never been to Humberside...looks lovely and I am a fan of bridges...

  4. Lyn, I hope Fergus is feeling good, the sweet boy! Jack is the cutest little guy, I love reading how he gives you a workout, isn't that the way it works?! Made me laugh. I'm always exhausted after my Nana-times. You've been so busy -- I really like the fish board, already have the hungry caterpillar on my someday list, thanks to you. Why do we even bother with all our lists? Sigh. ;-)

    Another thing I love here is all your use of circular shapes on the floral pieces -- so pretty!

  5. I know how you feel about hand sewing. If I don't get to sew a bit each day I get cranky. That is a great Hungry Catapillar! Am teaching a children's art camp this summer and that's a great idea, sewing with felt. Take care!

  6. You are making such precious memories with your grandson. Looks like great fun.