Saturday, 10 March 2012

Unusual place to eat..floral blocks and Jenny Hammerton exhibition

Had lunch at a local place Id not been into before today, with my lovely daughter. The East Yorkshire Room, in Hessle. sure has atmosphere!
We sat listening to jazz music, satchmo and the like for a start... this was the pot of tea I ordered and our bangers and mash with winter veggies was presented nicely too.
Note the sugar in a sherry glass and the tea spoons had crests of Bridlington on them...such fun.

They very kindly let me run amok with the camera!

 See the old tandem?!

the upstairs room....below

It was if Alice in Wonderland was going to be coming in any time
Trialing piecing...........and then some thrift shop finds at 10p each...........
Used two already...

Nipped into The Ropewalk at Barton on Humber today too and saw an exhibition of work by Jenny Hammerton which was very interesting.
These below are actually pen and ink but you have to look very hard to see that cos they look so like lace..

What to do with shoulder pads? This!
Bloggers playing up, this is actually hung on a wall. The background is old sewing patterns and it looks like scrunched up strips of paper, tied together to great effect.
Think this was torn canvas.

This has posted sideways on annoying, since this was stunning to see.
 The texture of the scrunched up paper was fabulous.
This above might show you the texture more, cool arent they!


  1. great post. i loved it all. great thrift finds and just loved that pen and ink that looks like lace.

  2. I'd love to come and have tea with you in that shop - it looks like such a fun place. Lucky finds at the thrift store and thank you for posting the art pictures. Beautiful textures!!

  3. Oh My!!! The wonderful eatery and the thrift finds are so beautiful. The pen and ink is breath taking. I love when a day unfolds so beautifully.

  4. What a cool tea house that is and the food looks yum! Love the dark blue walls.

    Your cloth is lovely, Lyn, you've a lot of pieces finished and ready to go -- now's either the easy part or the hard part? -- for me it'd probably be the hard part, I can never decide. Those lace drawings, wow!!

  5. the pen and ink pieces are amazing!!



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