Saturday, 5 March 2011

Heart Kites finished and foils posted!

Finally finished the kite heart, have backed it with black denim to give it some definition, still working on whale and moon. Its getting wider and longer out of necessity rather than by design!
 Had mounted some of the woven colour catchers on thickly felted wool but must have deleted the blessed pics in sending them from Picasa to here! So will have to take them again...Im weary and brains in slow mode, abit of lugging bags of gravel in the garden and a full day of larking about with grandson yesterday.......great fun but I forget Im older than my brain feels!
Foils are posted so watch for the postman! :)


  1. Like this Lyn - Gray is such an under-rated colour....or neutral....or whatever it is. Very peaceful and appealing.

  2. your kite piece is beautiful. loving all the grays in the background. i collected gray cloth for awhile. need to do something with it.

  3. I left a comment on your Cloth to Cloth Sample and wanted to let you know that I just finished the Contemporary Woven Boro online class with Jude Hill and was wonderful, I also took the Cloth to Cloth C2C3 before that and you probably were in the first class C1. Love all your work you have done that saw in Flickr, my name is Herm but in Flickr I am Ursula, not sure if I should change it yet!

  4. Thankyou so much for your comments.
    Sue Im trying to deliberately move outside of my usual safe colours and this was pleasing to stitch, the colour combo was very calming....almost meditive.
    I could easily become hooked on kantha stitching. It would be far easier than crossing my legs and sitting on a floor chanting meditively too!
    Judes Cloth to Cloth - yes Herm it was C1 and then Beasts, I was too late for this Boro. Glad youve enjoyed it though.
    There are some smashing pieces on Flickr, its amazing to see what people do, with the same instructions, but making them into their own work you know?
    Am sure I noticed some of yours named as Ursula on Flickr too, so off back to have another look now!
    Deanna will look forward to seeing your greys, love to see how we all interpret our fabrics!

  5. I love this piece.x I am doing Judes Beasts at momenty..really enjoying watching video's at moment!x lynda

  6. Thanks Lynda, some of her beasts are fabulous arent they! Its a very therapeutic process that she demonstrates and its fascinating to see how we all run with that shared teaching.



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