Wednesday, 9 March 2011

testing blogger!

Blogger appears to be playing up and wont allow me to post pics so here's a test run....
Looks as if its only allowing one picture at a time, grrr and was in a bad mood before I started!
Have done as much on this as I feel I can for now, its lost its voice to me somehow but that may be my mood, which is low at the moment.
Funny how mood can simply plummet.
This quote touched me, by Amy Tan
"I did not lose myself all at once. I rubbed out my face over the years washing away my pain, the same way carvings on stone are worn down by water."
How many of us can identify with that!
Anyway am going to allow whalesong to lay awhile, it doesnt seem to work as a hanging, maybe needs a different kind of backing, stronger, firmer maybe. I might even use it as a panel in a boro cloth, that might work, maybe.
Well blow me, blogger seems to be working the way it once did....maybe they fixed that bit!
Sat and faffed at some pins, I quite like the result of making indiv petals, but it is labour intensive and I had to wash the indiv petals to get the fluffier effect I wanted on the top right one. Waste fabric and charity shop woollies.
Centaur Starsky seems to have worked, the test will be if he survives in the classroom mind you! I covered the modroc with a bit of shorn fur pile and used the horses mane as the hair...well they were sposed to be wild!
And Medusa is done too, reduced the size of her gargantuan feet and made some leather sandals for prizes for shoe design mind you. Added a more appropriate dress, some overlaid eye lids to add texture to the eyes and stitched in an angryish lip pattern. Reckon this will go some way to explaining what medusa and centaurs were sposed to look like for a child with no or little sight.
A bright day though fresh, the cyclamen are a vibrant rich red joy, the primroses coming into their own and the cowslips are looking so lovely as they bud and their leaves are lush.
Cant bring myself to take the flowers off to see if theyll colour cloth!
Taken today off instead of friday, to have lunch with daughter Tylah on her day off, so hope to feel brighter later, maybe I need abit of sunlight on my skin to top up the vitamin D :)

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  1. hi..thanks for your lovely commentsxxxx your figures are gorgeous..l bet the kids love themxx hope you had soime sunlight for your lunchxxlynda