Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mummified cat and fab paper mache!

So here's the mummified cat and a great copper Neffertiti plaque I found at car boot (£2) plus an amphora-ish pot........for the Egyptain Topic Box.
This is St Mary's Church  in Beverly, East Yorkshire well worth a visit to see its ceiling if your passing. Why?
Its painted red and has gold stars everywhere.......not so much the firmament but Ive heard whispers of Knights Templar intrigues and the stars represent something or other.
Who knows - but they are kind of striking and its older than the Minster itself in beverly too.
I was there last weekend and took this pic simply because it was a nice aspect.
Now today I nipped to the Ferens Art Gallery here in Hull to discuss the content of some visually impaired specific sensory tours they are doing.
More of that next post but I saw these great figures displayed in an empty store and had to take pics of them.
They are made by students from the Mallet Lambert school in Hull and they were such fun!

My favourite is way at the back right so hasnt come out too well....

.............very tall, blue and has strikingly fab eyes!
Avatar hunk!
Now this is what art classes in school should be!


  1. just love your mummified cat. i must get out my Nefertiti earrings.

  2. Hiya
    There is a cat like yours wrapped up in a log cabin type cloth in the British Museum
    I think your looks fab
    Such a lot of very interesting posts Lyn You are wonderfully creative x