Sunday, 20 March 2011

Boys n dolls? Erosion bundle and stuck up cat

 I gave grandson a doll to see how he'd behave with it, he was so gentle it was just lovely to watch him. He allowed the doll to share his own comfort blanket which was very generous of him but soon lost interest and went back to the trains lol

 This was an erosion fabric bundle that has been hanging around for while... so hauled it in, washed it and got quite nice results from the nails that were wrapped in it. Id put slices of mushrooms in with afew leaves too, but the veg and foliage had mushed up and I couldnt recall what leaves I'd used.....guess I should, like India says, keep records!
May tea stain one end to see how much it alters...the tears were in it already.

Stuck up cat is taking shape, though not sure about the trees yet. Am using the fab kimono silk offcuts from elsie_maud off Ebay for the cat and foliage. Oh and the weeny moonish circle is from a silk tie, may have to fill the sky with those its a moon cat happening  maybe!
This was strips woven into slits on the background, what a faff but got ewasier as I went along making the fabric base stronger and firmer.


  1. Cute grandson. It will be interesting to see what you do with the fabric. Cute cat too. Aren't silk scraps fun to play with? Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. The bundle in situ made me think of this!



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