Sunday, 20 March 2011

Magical Moon and the sadness in Japan

We've all shared the magical moon these past couple of nights, and what a joy!
I noticed it seeming larger and as it rose in the sky, almost buttery in colour and thought at the time........ooooh that would look good~ buttery, instead of white, in my Jude Hill-ish pieces Im making at the moment.
Like recently we had a moon that was tinged with red......although I missed that one dam it because of low cloud!
Then my pal Mary in Australia said this was the largest its been down there for so long and today I heard it was closest we'd been to the moon for a long while...which explains why it looked bigger!
The next real close phase will be in 2016 so fingers crossed I get to see that too, eyesight and my still living, allowing !
So Im looking for buttery fabrics to weave a moon with

There are some lovely pieces of work on blogs now that centre on sending vibes, good wishes and prayers to Japan. Folks have made prayer flags and have them in their homes and gardens and Manya Maratou
is asking for woven blocks or strips of fabric, to piece together woven-ly.
Do see her blog I simply love the idea that we might send wishes or prayers written on strips of fabric and then send them on to her, to piece into a quilt of friendship, hope and loving empathy. As well as donating to the Red Cross or some similar vetted site.

My hearts in overload and theres nothing other than send donations that I can do, it seems trite to simply send money when really.. I want to fly over, live rough if needs be and help where ever and however its needed. Though in practical terms they can do without a 61 year old getting in the way Im perfectly sure!
So money is what I will send for now, but I will also make a couple of wall hangings, which if they sell, then that money can go to the Red Cross for Japan too. has made a super hanging with a red woven circle in its centre..what great symbolism is that!
So go see it please.........its just perfect!

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