Sunday, 6 March 2011

Colours Caught and a Centaur - maybe

The first two colour catchers now hung, as it were lol
Used some oober thick felted icelandic wool, from a charity shop jumper, to back them with and it seems to 'work'.
Quite like that they are skew whiff and am still using the grey/blue theme!

When I left work on thursday, this is what I left drying. Its a protoype, not sure if it will work out yet, but here's hoping.
Ive begun the Greek Topic Box now so wondered if I could make a Centaur.
I beheaded the horse which made me feel oddly queezy!
Then I took apart the doll figure
...what a faff restringing the blessed arms!
His arms are restrung, right down through the body to between his legs and his torso has been secured with glue and padding, the stringing and although its not on this piccy, with added strips of modroc to mould round the waist and horses withers area.  
So if its dried sufficiently, some added paint and haor do, may make him look more like a Centaur than Starsky!

Fridays trip to a garden centre with grandson and what fun he had lol Believe me if my bum would have slotted in there, Id have had a go too!

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