Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Topic Box bits

Not feeling great this week but managed to get some bits done for the Topic Boxes. I apologise for the 'thatching' it was a bad idea lol although it will stay till I pick up some decent dried foliage to do a more sensible thatch-a-like!
Eagle eyed amongst you might see on the far right of the top pic, the mummified cat in her swathes of fabric...still smelling delightfully of stale coffee!
I took a pic of her, must post it, shes worked really well considering she was only a pop bottle and a tennis ball clad in modroc!

 I'm happy with the mummy and coffin so far. I've painted the eyes in on the lid ~ because the egyptians liked to 'see' where they were going onto in their afterlife ~
Have used RNIB black tactile paint and some red Tulip paint for the eyes.......so it should be raised enough to be felt by little fingers.
All I need now is to make the outer sarcophagus, for the coffin to sit in...so am on the hunt for a suitable box to clad in modroc ...

A Tudor house... again I used that RNIB tactile black paint which is just abit thicker than the Tulip Dimensional paint, for the cross hatch panes of glass.
The wood is actually thin strips of wood laminate the kind used to cut up and make pictures with, marquetry I guess it would be called? Anyway its what I used in the Longhouse too, on mount card.
I stick it down with double sided tape, but not only on the back of the laminate, but also onto the place where its going to be stuck down to .. a kind of double whammy stick!
Then I seal it all down after a light sanding to be sure edges are smoothed, with pva. Seems to do the job.

Now Cyclops was thrown together this afternoon when I unearthed a huge wobbly eye in the bead box at work.... silly I know, but you never know it may give a child the idea of what he was supposed to be like!
Bless him.... reckon he'd get half price glasses with only one eye?

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