Wednesday, 30 March 2011

KSDP Burmese Refugee sales at NEC

Just look at these fabulous strips of of patchwork edging, on the roll, made in Burma and sold to aid the

 Kerenni Student Development Programme, (

by Beryl and her husband in rememberance of their daughter Stephanie Lee.

Stephanie discovered the Karenni refugee camp in her gap year and there after returned each uni vacation to the camp to teach english. Sadly she died in 2001, only 21 years of age in a road accident close to the camp.
Stephanies family now run the KSDP in her memory, raising funds for them and giving talks to raise awareness of the situation in Burma.

These edgings are machine made, cotton, very reasonably priced per metre and beautifully pieced.
 Their stall featured ceremonial and every day costumes and many other scrumptious things made in Burma.
 These two baskets have vintage pieces cut from clothing and for sale.
The circles, moons, suns whatever you see them as, must have had buttons central to them and are amazingly hand stitched.
At £1 each they are a touch of the Burmese traditional culture, since now machine stitching is the faster method.
We were told hand stitched work like these, were like hens teeth to find now.
The larger basket has pieces taken from garments that are beautufully hand worked and decorative, again prices reasonable from £4 upwards.
And I loved this banner style on the in rememberance of Afganistan stall.
Considering our daughters    ........what a lovely sentiment.

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