Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sarcophagus to be ....

Still got to put a part roof on the Viking Longhouse - butterfly brain that I am is already working on a sarcophagus for the Egyptian Topic Box. Thanks to Jean who had a nice shampoo bottle I could use!
Ive sliced it in two, chopped off the nozzly end and wrapped it in masking tape, enclosing some bubble wrap at the head end. Then I paper machied over it so it can be painted with decoration, some of which I will do raised I think for our VI kids to feel.

So here it is with some coffee stained stretchy bandage like stuff I got from Scrapstore and will use this to wrap round a few sticks to make a 'mummy' to lay in the sarcophagus.
The bonus here is that it smells of musty coffee! Maybe that wont last but its an interesting extra sensory that I hadnt considered lol
Maybe this bit is not called the sarcophagus, maybe thats the huge stone box that this lays inside of...must check that.
But will make a modroc outer container too to give the full effect.......not sure I want to recreate a pyramid ~ but you never know!

This tree decoration is part of an ongoing street and empty shop installation display in Hull. Its made from neoprene foam... that fun foam stuff ( not the tree, the decoration lol ...) and has weathered well and not lost its colour... but then we havent had much sun to strip its colour back...this is England after all ! Wonder what the birds think to it!

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