Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Felt n fish at the NEC

These felted pieces were pretty amazing and all signed by Ewa Kuniczak, there were quite afew of trees in various stages of leaf or not, but these two captivated me. Blowed if I can recall what the words were on the left hand one... duhhh.
And continuing the crochet and knitted display themes, there was a walk thru grotto and I liked the idea of using the old lampshade here! lol
There were some natty sea weeds too! Id have got bored knitting them after the first 2' but all credit to whoever made these, they were just soooooo long!
I bought myself the book by Angie Hughes - Stitch, Cloth, Paper and Paint and find it interesting. I also bought some of the cotton curtain interlining she uses for her work, which I'd not seen before and its a very odd fabric. But I need more!
I also bought back copies of magazines, a subscription to Stitch and have done my usual trick of buying a Cloth Paper Scissors mag that I already have lol I have several duplicates now !
It was lovely to meet 'Purple Missus' there!
~~~~~~ Am waving hellooooooo! ~~~~~~
I bet you were well tired by sunday evening gal!
(Package in post friday..)
Lynda was making a smashing little book with really interesting and attractive signatures within it, on a workshop...which was fully booked on the saturday, so no, I didnt get to make it then lol

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  1. It was great to meet you too and yes, it was wonderful getting back in to my own bed late Sunday evening. I didn't get chance to see much of the show, the only drawback to having a stand, so find your photos really interesting and I'm sure if I travel around Blogland I will find other photos of the bits I missed. :)



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