Monday, 28 February 2011

Foil Winners and Whale Ahoy

My daughter Tylah gave me two numbers off the top of her head, between 1 and 18,

( there were 23 comments, one duplicate and four were my own lol)
so comment numbers

6 and 9 are the winners of the gizzit foil.....

Well done Sunny and Claire!

All I need are your addresses and I will pop them in the post this week for you ............. then you can get stuck in and play !

I have completed my wolves and the heart kite hangings, but still looking for the right bits to hang them off before I post them as finished.
But my whale is taking shape now .
His eye is a dressmaking pin at the moment, so it wont be yellow here after.... though maybe if it were red he could be an
the sea is an old voile head scarf and the surf was also a scarf that had lots of glittery threads in it which I sat and teased out -tedious-!

Whale is black denim, not too sure about his tail yet, it doesnt stand proud enough of the background, maybe I should have put black fusible on it to firm it up abit or even doubled it and trapped wire within.....why didnt I think of that before now? duhhh
The tail needs the edges sealing off, forgot to do that before I stitched it down, but easy enough to still do it if it remains this way.
The white underbelly is a vintage piece of table cloth and theres a small strip of torn denim at the horizon level, though it maybe should have been a darker colour, but its too late now lol..anyway, the moons glow is highlighting it..ish.


  1. Hi Lyn, it is looking fabulous great choice of fabrics. Congrats to the winners of the foil. i did try emailing you back twice but they both bounced back so i hope you don't think i ignored your email. You asked about the pink grid paper on my blog was made by wrapping yarn round an old picture frame then scooping it under the paper pulp which was floating on top of the water. left to dry then cut from the frame ! I think you have been to more places than me in Canada lol ! i am in ontario about an hour from Toronto been here 10 years as of tomorrow the 1st March. I am from Blackpool i am sure you know that place not met anyone yet who hasn't. well look forward to seeing the other wall hangings
    tara for now

  2. No idea why my, but contact email was listed as 'msn' which Im not a member of, so no wonder the email bounced around. It didnt used t o be that so why it altered.............well who knows! But think Ive got it back to what it should be now.
    Is it Ontario that has the huge canal running through the centre, that ices up, so folks go to work on skates?
    I loved the vastness of Canada, lucky you to be over there.
    I went to Blackpool for a day trip when I was 11 and have never been since, how crazy is that when you consider all the places in the world the Queen sent me lol ( bless her )
    Soory you lucked out this time, but I will do other foil giveaways since I can get it so readily, so please try again then! :)

  3. Hey Liniecat! Thanks for the tip about the 'mudlark' show. I am just astounded by this- thanks again, and I hope you enjoy Mayhew. I bought it to look for some information about coster mongers, but found so many other things. And, I love your whales panel in this post, just lovely.