Monday, 7 February 2011

Celebratory Giveaway!

To celebrate my having 15 following readers, I am going to have another Transfoil Giveaway~ I get it for next to nothing locally, so am happy to share it with you now and then.

This will heat set with an iron or pressure transfer onto an adheisive layer and works brill on fabric and on cardstock too.
But since this is a spontaneous idea, I've no photo at the moment of what you can win ...oops..... but pop back to the previous foil giveaway and that will give you an idea.

It will be about 3 metres of gold transfoil that is about 2' wide and an assortment of other colours too, silver and copper and white for sure.
And if you have one of those tag guns for basting or...attaching price tags to items .. then I may also throw in a generous handful of those plastic widget strips, though they are lurid pink......but easier to see right?

If you dont have a basting gun I will think of something to include that will tickle your creativity I promise you.
It's my way of saying thankyou to you, for cyberly popping by from time to time.

SO leave a comment on this post by 27th Feb. if you want a crack at the foil.
Do say whether you have a basting gun and please be sure you allow me access to an email to contact you, or check back on the 1st march and I will announce the lucky who so ever it is, then!

By all means spread the word if you would like to.
I wont bamboozle anyone into becoming a follower, so that they can win and am happy to include 'passers by ', although I suppose that does reduce your odds.... sorry lol
Overseas is fine too, am happy to post out overseas.
Hope you'll give it a go.

If you havent used it before, there is lots of advise online if you google 'using transfoil', but any problems just ask and what I don't know am sure someone else amongst us, will do!


  1. I am obsessed with your foil, I am trying to not use it on everything Lyn

  2. Well your in with a very good chance of being the only winning it lol

  3. I want it, I want it. It looks so fun. Love your blog.

  4. Hi liniecat would love some of your foil love using foil in my art quilts !!hopefully my name will be picked !! really enjoying doing the smashees along side you great group and so inspirational ! i am doing the one world one heart so i have a giveaway if your interested !will follow you so i can check back in and if you want to follow my blog that would be great
    take care


  5. What great timing - my challenge group is doing foil next time we meet - have enjoyed a roam around your blog and added you to my google reader.

  6. HI, Include me in your chance for the transfoil. I am eager to try it! Love your blog and I will become a follower!

  7. Thanks for popping in folks, good luck all :) Lyn

  8. Hi Lynnie - Great blog, and great idea for the foil. Hope all goes well with the entries!--Sunny from the Smashees.

  9. Sure, include me fir the chance to win the transfoil. I enjoyed looking at your blog.

  10. thanks, i'd love it. i do not have a basting gun.

  11. Would be really fab for a class I teach!

  12. foil schmoil , but nice pages to read!

  13. I can't resist anything shiny! I don't have a basting gun!

  14. Hi again forgot to mention that i don't have a basting gun !

  15. No blasting gun lol glad i found your blog u sound familiar lol im adding u to my google reader and nice to be included from down under ..

    hugz bev

  16. I have no basting gun but I sure would love to win this foil.I am creating journals and would love to add it to the covers. Also in my art quilts. Thanks for the chance!!!

  17. Hi very generous of you to share..thank you. Would love to try it I am newly into fiber arts and such and am eager to try new things. I do not have a basting gun though....

  18. Hi Liniecat!
    I found you through Mixed Media Artist and have just become a new follower! I have never tried this foiling and would love to give it a go! Alas, no basting gun... I don't even know what a basting gun is! lol!
    Thank you for adding me to your giveaway!

  19. This looks neat, I make felt and wonder if you could use it? I don't have a basting gun ..... but hey a girl can't have enough tools!!!

  20. I have looked at your blog for simply ages and love what u get up to......would love to be included in the transfoil giveaway......i noticed that you say you get the foil at a good price....I used to at the Newark scrapstore but they have stopped their operation and I am trying to find a new source....bit of a cheek I KNOW Plumbago

  21. How lovely to see more comments and folks popping in. It does reduce the odds of winning lol but in view of that, I will select two to send foil to!
    I'm really happy to see some of you had decided to wander along the path beside me, thats kind of you and hope you pick up something useful along the way.
    Theres no reason why the foil wont work on felt that I can think of, esp if you adhere it using a tacky medium, be that an Elmers glue painted lightly on first, or a dabbed on pva. There is a pressure kind of, pva basically, that Ive used, bought it from Isabell Hall I believe on one of her bag workshops. Will see if I can unearth the name of it or find a source for it. But Ive had success with pva, will do afew samples and post them so you can see the effect though.
    And I know theres alot on google so wills e eif I can find a link ro two there for you too.
    Not long :)

  22. Joan thanks so much for saying that, it keeps me off street corners if nothinhg else!
    I tried to find an email to contact you, but failed lol so will you email through to me please? I may be able to help you out, as long as you are not selling the foil for profit.

  23. I'd love to try the foil. I became a follower! (No basting gun.)

    iamvictorias at gmail dot com



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