Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Landscape awaiting its beast-s....

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This above is what my 'Creative Gene' had me do at the weekend, its 'Jude' inspired and will feature some beasts shortly, but not so very fantastical. Have used some of the kimono silk  that I bought from Japan on Ebay. I cant let it sit in the basket forever, I must use it! These two are lovely medium weight silks with an almost crepe feel to them. Its a far nicer feel I think, than the fine, silkier versions Ive used previously.The sky is dyed cotton ~ a mans shirt for next to nothing at car boot, but I liked its colouring and faded out dyeing. Stitching this was SO relaxing!
And this smaller piece unearthed itself when I was sorting out. I must have done it way back, but am wondering if that too will weave..despite the spangly threads and lumpy whatever its called, that you daub on, then heat gun so it puffs up.......stuff! The backing was space dyed medium weight cotton twill, that I dyed during one of Shelagh Folgates great Challenge workshops.
What on earth made me clart all  that gunk on it, when it already had such a great colour!

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  1. love that orange print fabric in the top photo. i tried to respond to your message but the e-mail came back as 'unrouteable address'. i think that you have to be signed into your google account for the 'follow-up e-mail option' to show up in the comment field.