Sunday, 6 February 2011

Woven hearts, bits and a pin or two

Its that time of year when couples are the vogue, Valentines this, that and the other all around us. Not so much fun for us, now singlies, who stand no chance of having a card ever again lol  But I do remember the thrill of both sending and receiving Valentine cards, so dont decry the Love hearts movement lol ...... and good luck to those lucky enough to receive cards and  gifts...go enjoy!
So I gave in and made afew hearts, in woven theme here above, since I'm still learning along with Jude and her Cloth Whispering.
The top pic is upholstery fabric strips and the one above has velvet and kimono silk pieces within its weave.
Also some unwound strips of sari fabric yarn are lightly couched down on it, to me, almost like ......the arteries are they? that allow the passage of blood from ventricle to ventricle? No guess they are not exactly arteries but you get the idea right?
It seems apt to me, to have a woven fabric heart, symbolic of the hearts journey along its lifetime. The falling in and out of love with who so ever, be it partner, relative, passer by or any unknown that has reached into our heart and made it yearn or ache.
The heart 'breaks' and 'mends' many times throughout its lifetime, physically maybe and emotionally certainly, so there will be signs of that, small scars ~ or tears in its fabric in this case.
There's 'heavy' .. but proof that I do often have a reasoning behind what I make! 
The pins are little simple makes. A fulled scarf, an edge off a crochet doily, a key shaped button and a small tassle, teased apart and stitched down...the key to the heart -ish.
The white button pin has nothing at all to do with a heart or Love, it almost made itself as I sat watching NCIS.......gosh Gibbs is tasty!

 The pink heart pin worked for me until I stitched in the spidery looking thing...which definately needs more doing to it, so it looks more flowery and less spidery! ( Gibb's fault, I was yearning abit by then....)

The weaving on the plastic ring thing..........not sure if that will work, but am hoping that the woven fabric strips will turn this into a bracelet of sorts. It needs more fabric woven in, so watch this space........if it doesnt work will let you know!
And two more woven sample pieces here, with kantha-ish stitching. The white will become moons when I've cut them out, once I know what I'm going to do with them. 
I'm just enjoying the process of weaving in the fabrics and then holding them together with simple stitches. Its almost catharcic .. spelling?... but it's definately very relaxing.
This bottom piccy will be another heart. I cut out a second heart shape from the cork-like fabric and will stick it onto a square of wood, as in the first pic shown above.
The wooden squares were table place mats that I picked up at a car boot someplace. I simply screwed onto the back, the tiny hooks that miniaturists use for latching hooks on dolls house doors. Then added string so it can be hung on the wall.
This weaving has a rich velvet, pink voile laid over red cotton teeshirt strips and some burgundy paisley satin like fabric...that was UNUSED coffin lining ! 
This fabric was donated to Scrapstore, but I don't think they told everyone where the fabric had been donated from lolol no surprise why not!
Naturally given its provenance, I had to have a metre!


  1. beautiful textures and hearts!!

  2. i'm loving all your hearts. i don't get any hearts but i love giving them. i, too, love the weaving process. i've become an addict.



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