Friday, 11 February 2011

Anderson shelter, compost erosion and the Gorgon-to-be!

This is as much as I'm going to do on the simple Anderson Shelter 3D model for the WW2 Topic Box. The top lifts off for a fondle of whats inside. The previous one Id made had an open part that small fingers are able to poke through and feel the insides. But I reckon this will work better for what our VI kids will need.

Took a peek in my compost bin, at the roll of fabrics and leaves that are stewing in there and its colouring up nicely. So I nestled in back in the debris and have left it for another month or so.

Since Ive now started the Greeks Topic Box, I couldnt believe my luck when I found this awful looking doll in a charity shop. She has the ideal snake hair for the Gorgon!
So will reclothe her and she can represent that mythical creature.


  1. Anderson shelter is amnazing

  2. Did you know that the Anderson shelters delivered to Guernsey at the start of WWII were used by the Germans as shelters for their gun crews on Castle Cornet. They were named after German girls - Frieda is the one I remember.