Thursday, 17 February 2011

Beasts but not so fantastic-al

A quick post with my 'fantastical' beasts in position, but once I got the idea of placing wolves howling at the moon, I couldnt do the Jude fantastical thing to them lol
Funny but by posting work on the blog, its like I suppose, pinning them to a pin board so you can 'see' it more clearly? I dont have a pin board, simply hang things round the house, so I can look at them to see whats missing or seems out of place? By fusing the two, wall and blog, I seem to get a better 'eye' on them?
Im getting dafter maybe as I get older lol but it seems to work for me~

Its not quite finished yet and I have unpicked all the metal thread that criss crossed the moon previously. I realised my woven moon was overworked with thread and it was too shiny and colourful for what I wanted.
So now there is just silver, matt thread holding the moon in place at its edges and the hue around it, is no longer trapped by zingy thread.
I used some of my rusted and onion skin dyed fabric as a surround to lighten the scene up abit.
I need to handstitch differently on the small fir tree at front and it is isnt backed yet iether.
Driftwood wont work as a hanging rod for this one, I will have to go hunting for a piece of windfall wood or maybe rusted metal.

Okay took a leave day today from work, so I can lunch with my luvly leggy daughter Tylah.
We went to see that Black Swan movie the other night........ we both disliked it. The only clever bit was where the ballerina 'grows' feathers whilst she's dancing.
There was a long disco scene with dreadfully powerful flickering lights, that affected us both and niether of us are given to flickering 'triggers' and both well used to disco lights!Posted by Picasa
I'm surprised they hadnt put a flicker warning on the film to be honest. It made us both feel sick and look away, so if youve an issue with flickering be careful if you go and see it!

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