Sunday, 20 February 2011

Remember the Foil Giveaway! and my almost finished pieces

Don't forget to leave a comment on the Feb 7th post if you want to be entered for the Transfoil giveaway  :)
Okay I reckon this one above is done, except for the fact it still needs backing. I filled in the trees abit and added a few berries and some additional 'fur' on one of the wolves. The wolves are made from colour catchers.
This silk heart kite, which is sailing skyward in search of lurve..... is laid on some lovely pieces of naturally dyed cotton fabrics I sent for recently
from 'Gerdiary'.
And I have forgotten to get her blog addy, so will have to insert that later.
Think it would be but do look in her online store which you can link to from her blog.
 It also just needs backing, so its ready to hang. I used the woven moon with the painted lace on it, to look more like the moons surface...silly I know but I quite like that idea.
The blue and white circle-y fabric is that cheap mans shirt again... same as  the sky in the wolves one. 

And this piece I began today but am in two minds what to have gliding through the waters....the Loch Ness 'Monster' or a whale.. I may need to do another, and then do each!
It has a tasselly bottom edge which may or may not stay in situ and the fore ground waters will probably have some other blue silk threaded through it yet....


  1. Like the look of that kite piece in the middle - lovely soft grays.....would love to touch it.

  2. These are wonderful love the wolves one ! actually love the heart one also and i will look forward to seeing what you decide on for the bottom one ! did you start your Toran Toran yet ? I am going to play around with the techniques see what i can conjour up !

    take care

  3. Thanks Michelle, Im so sidetracked by my current pieces, that Ive not started any of Shelaghs workshops yet....but I have been thinking about what Im going to do with them!
    I will use silk snippets rather than photo pieces and will most likely use iether Dream or Enjoy! as my words. I might even do them back to back like Barb has.
    My muse will be dressed with Shelaghs methods but Ive cheated and am using an already made cloth doll shape ............shes dyed and awaiting a face at the moment.
    My Lollipops design has been drawn, but thats as far as Ive got with that yet.
    Glad your enjoying the workshops, Shelagh's put alot of work into them so its great to see folks enjoying them.

  4. Hi, these pieces are lovely, are they based on a nursery rhyme? Glad you have some ideas for the Smashees. I think you should do the photographs, I think you would love the result & you could chop them even smaller and smaller and s...I need a rest lol

  5. Hey, they are great... - you´re right, it´s a pleasure for me to see what becomes of my fabrics, thank you... - and I like the moon surface, that´s not silly at all... - and for the 3. one, if you´d ask me, I´d suggest a whale - wolves and whales, they have a lot in common, somehow...

  6. Think I am moving towards a whale, found some fabric that just might make a ...splash lol definately decided against a 'Nessie'.......I cant bring myself to give her an identity and 'face'! Shes an enigma and I reckon should stay that way :)
    No Shelagh, not from a nursery rhyme, just my brain and its connotations with the moon but I do fancy doing Red Riding Hood in a forest and have donhe a sketch of how it might be funny enuf!

  7. OH gosh! Just looked and we are a 24 strong,
    inc me, little group of folks now!
    Thankyou for deciding to tag along for the ride.
    Think I may have to pick two to receive a gift!