Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kimonos ~ but made in england!

Our East Yorkshire Embroidery Society (EYES) group met today and our fellow member Anne McNamara talked about her kimono making. Her son and daughter both live over in Japan and that is where she developed a passion for making them.
I had to record some pics here, because some of them were simply wonderful. It takes a great deal of mathematical precision to be sure that patterns meet at the edges and that would have stopped me straight away lol But what Anne has done on some of these was stunning. The one above was cotton and the cotton and wool ones were incredibly heavy!

This black silk with sashiko stitching to decorate is actually the lining to a HUGE cream and black one made to celebrate Bachs music...guess she likes Bach!

This stunning jade one also cotton but with silk inserts here and there, was visually striking but again blummin heavy.  It looks more blue here but believe me it was a rich jade shade.
Several members got volunteered to model the kinonos.... the word means, simply clothing, so isnt the name of the design Id thought.
Incredibly, much of this stitching was by hand!

Think the passion flower one was a rayon but the stitching of the flowers was beautiful, its one of my fave flowers. The 'kosode' design kimono has 'small' sleeves, thats what the word kodode means. Though the sleeves still hung down to the floor!
'Small sleeve' actually refers to the width where the hand goes through, and not the length of the volumous sleeves.

This seascape one, a stunning blue silk, she made to celebrate the building of The Deep in Hull and a similar build going on over in Japan, at the same time.  The lining, also silk, was the most subtle shade of aquamarine and it had swirls of waves all over it in stitch, machine in this case I think.

The bottom edge (which is padded slightly to weight it) was encrusted in applique, stumpwork and collaged fabrics, which formed a reef, around which all manner of striking fish swam! 
More pics in next read on!

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