Monday, 31 January 2011

Fab faces, beach coal as a medium and found an old bag!

Took a friend (who is managing life very well, despite cancer) to The Ropewalk in Barton on Humber yesterday and we had a lovely lunch there and popped into the gallery to see the exhibition. The Ropewalk is an old rope factory that's been rejuvenated into a thriving cafe, gallery, shop, cinema, music venue and also has small art businesses under its roof. It is right beside the south bank of the Humber river so you can have a  healthy amble along the shoreline too if you want to.
We didnt, since Sue has to use a crutch now and besides it was bright but chilly!
 I really liked these works by Linda Ingham.
The faces called 'Pore - A work in progress' was really striking.
Enlarge the pic and see how she has torn areas in the fabric, its not canvas she has painted on.
But the 'Open' series took my eye right away. 
The label said she had used silverpoint, beach coal and graphite on the figure one. Had it not been priced at £1017........I might have considered living with that on my wall....

This natty seating is in the garden area they have there, I could have lived with one of those too...

then later at home, was looking for something, which of course is still AWOL ..............but did find this bag that I made 12 years or more ago, which was a nice surprise, since I was sure it had been inadvertantly thrown out long since!
More proof that I have a wealth of surprises hidden in my home............ now do I deconstruct it and reuse the buttons and materials, or simply allow it to remain a finished piece, amongst the many WIP.........hmm, will give it some thought..


  1. sweet bag..and thanks for swinging by

  2. Thankyou Wendy lol amazingly my daughter used it to go clubbing with for a few its more hardy than it looks lol